Property is a means to an end. In face, so is a facility. The end is seeing God glorified as people come alive to the wonder of the gospel for generations to come! This is what the image of the dandelion is all about. We envision seeds of grace growing in the Creekstone community, but blowing around the world as the Lord bring people to us and then sends them from us.

Creekstone is like a small tree that has grown in a pot, but is now ready to be transplanted into the ground so that it can flourish and grow to its potential.

So, having ground in which to grow is a critical next step. And paying off the land is essential for us to take the next step of building a ministry center from which gospel transformation can take place. For our vision for this land and subsequent place for worship and service is not limited to a Sunday event, as significant as that is for both outreach and discipleship. We want to possess land upon which we can build a home-base of ministry operations that will create a ripple effect of grace!

Although we have a vision for ministry to Creekstone’s children, youth, and families, we want any facility we build on this land to bless the wider Dahlonega community, serving as a resource for after school programs, a place for educational seminars and conferences dealing with marriage and parenting, theology, apologetics, and the Christian life. We envision blessing the community with space for graduation ceremonies, weddings, a meeting place for local service ministries, not to mention a base for our Campus Outreach ministry, where college students can be equipped to unite their spiritual lives to their vocational callings.

Although there is so much more, we hope you get a taste for the extensive vision we have for what the Lord could do with a church, as a city on a hill, situated on the entry corridor to Dahlonega.

The potential for growth in gospel influence and transformation is incalculable!

So, thank you for considering how you might participate, as the Lord leads you to give generously to his work through Creekstone Church in the pursuit of securing a legacy of land upon which we pray God will do immeasurably more than we can ask or even imagine! (Eph. 3:20)


Considering Your Pledge

As you consider your pledge, look at the card below and find the suggested gift options. Whichever option you are initially drawn toward, would you prayerfully consider taking a step or two up? All gifts are appreciated, but we want this to be an opportunity for the Lord not only to raise the funds we need, but also to work deeply in the hearts of those who give, stretching us beyond our comfort zones, allowing this campaign to set us free from material security and nearer to Jesus as the source of our hope and trust. This way, the Ground for Grace initiative is not just about material provision, but spiritual renewal.

Pledge cards will be available in July.

Ground for Grace Pledge Card - BACK.png

Practical Ways to Give

Write a check.

Give online. Please note that online giving incurs a 2.7% fee. We ask that larger gifts be via check if at all possible.

Give stocks or other kinds of investments.

Sell an item of value and give the proceeds to the initiative.

Give the item to Creekstone and let us sell it.

Get creative!