“Why can’t we just meet at the high school forever?”

We will have a far greater impact in our community when we have our own home. In our cultural context, place is important and symbolizes permanence and presence. People in Dahlonega/Lumpkin County typically do not see rental space as a long-term commitment to these ingrained cultural values. Furthermore, we will be able to offer a much more quality Sunday experience for all ages if we have our own property and building, not to mention the many ministry opportunities that can take place during the week with a 24/7 ministry center. 


“I’m not going to be living in Dahlonega in 5 years? Why should I give to this?

First of all, we are not securing this land merely for us, but for generational gospel influence and transformation. We want to establish a ministry base from which generations will be blessed. In this sense, giving to Ground for Grace is a very real investment in God’s eternal kingdom, for his glory and the good of this community. Financial investment in the kingdom not only reveals where our heart is, but shows that we believe our giving will have a return, not only in this life, but into eternity. Also, only the Lord really knows where you will be in 5 or 10 or 30 years. He may answer our prayers and keep you here!


“I’m not sure this is the right time in the life of our church to try and raise this much money.”

Things have been aligning over several years that have been pointing to Creekstone owning this property.  This will be a great investment and also will balance Creekstone’s monthly budget.  Also, there are also three people willing to pay cash tomorrow for this property at the price Creekstone will buy it for.  If Creekstone owns the property outright there will be many ways that Creekstone will be able to minister in the community.


“Does giving to Ground for Grace replace my tithe?”

No. Ground for Grace giving is above and beyond our weekly giving to support our operational expenses and missions support.


“What happens to the money if we don’t raise all of it?”

This is a providential and miraculous mission that we all need to own by praying, fasting. pledging and giving. However, we are doing pledges so that we will know how much will come in in August. If we don’t get enough pledges, we will not ask people to give in August.


“I can’t afford to give much right now.”

That is okay. We all experience different financial seasons. Anything you are able to sacrificially give will be directly investing into God’s mission through Creekstone to Dahlonega.  The Bible says that the tiniest amount given sacrificially is more blessed than the larger gifts not given sacrificially.


“If we lose the school, will we have money to rent another place if we own this land?” 

Yes. The land payment is “over and above” giving beyond our tithes. Purchasing the land does not affect our operational budget and thus, does not affect having to rent space. We’d just move our payment from the school to another location.


“I doubt any bank will loan us money to build once we have this land.”

This land will instantly give Creekstone a lot of equity and put us in a much better financial position with the banks.  This will also give Creekstone their own office and ministry space.  God’s plan is sovereign and He will provide the opportunities when the time is right.


“People with financial experience and wisdom are opposed to this project.”

The elder team is constantly seeking wisdom from many resources, including the property team, the financial team, local bankers and investors, prayer and the Scripture.  Anyone who has wisdom and insight should meet or contact the elder team to be included in our prayer and research into this project.


“Isn’t this too risky for our church which struggles with its regular budget?”

Yes. To a degree, there is risk involved. In fact, Creekstone’s entire history has been moved forward by taking risks – not being foolish, but taking calculated, faith-filled risk, trusting in God to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.

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